Bailey Nappy Diaper Clutch Bag
Bailey open flat side view
Bailey Diaper Clutch Bag

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Bailey is the jack of all trades. Its uses are endless. Hang it off the stroller for easy-to-reach items, hold extra change of clothes in your bag, use it as a clutch for a quick diaper change or as a personal purse for mom. The only limit is your imagination.

Turn your diaper bag into an organized dream. No more rummaging through a diaper bag to find squished snacks. Bailey is perfect for organizing smaller items in your favorite bag so you can find anything you need easily and quickly.

Grab it as a stylish standalone purse for yourself: Bailey is the ideal size to take you from the playground to a child-free night out. Use it as a wristlet or a shoulder bag and make a fashion statement as a mom who “still got it”.


Bag size: 7’’ H x 11’’ W x 1.25’’ D
Bag material: Dot nylon outside fabric, polyester lining
Bag color: Black (outside) and cream (inside)


• Large pocket with enough space for nappy / diaper changing essentials and personal items
• Shoulder / wristlet strap with detachable clip for easy use
• Perfect for organizing your favorite bag

For families on the move!

Bailey sidestrap
Bailey flat open front view
Bailey closed no strap visible
Bailey with everyday items
Bailey stylishly posed
Bailey hung by strap