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Claremont Diaper Backpack

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Claremont is a new generation diaper bag.

It has all the pockets, compartments and capacity that make organization easy, but it doesn’t look like every other large and bulky baby diaper backpack out there.

Claremont’s compact and stylish features set it apart as a sleek and multifunctional designer diaper bag which also doubles up nicely as an elegant everyday or professional bag.

Claremont is cleverly designed.

  • The main compartment makes organization a breeze. With an insulated bottle pocket another elasticized pockets and a sleeve for the changing pad, everything can find its dedicated place.
  • The waterproof changing pad provides a clean and comfortable surface to change your baby.
  • The back pocket features a tablet sleeve as well as two smaller pockets for organization.
  • Claremont has our signature luxuriously soft velvet-lined pocket for phones or sunglasses to prevent them from scratches.


Bag size: 11.75’’ H (measured at the back) x 10’’ W (at the bottom) x 4.5’’ D
Bag material: Dot nylon outside fabric, polyester and velvet inside lining
Bag color: Black (outside) and cream (inside)
Changing mat size: 19.5” L x 11.75’’ W
Changing mat material: Dot nylon on one side, waterproof polyester on the other side
Changing mat color: Black on one side, white on the other side


Comes with:

  • Velcro stroller straps
  • Matching, waterproof changing pad
  • Chic, well-constructed and comfortable:
  • Golden metal hardware and zippers
  • Reinforced top handle
  • PU bottom
  • Tear-resistant stitching
  • Lightweight

Good organization:

  • Insulated bottle pocket
  • One elasticated pocket
  • Sleeve for changing pad
  • Padded tablet sleeve
  • Velvet lined phone pocket

For families on the move!

Claremont Baby Changing Bag Side View
Claremont Baby Changing Bag Top View
Claremont bag packed from the top
Claremont bag with fluffy toy
Claremont zipped up