Ice Pack

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These ice packs fit perfectly in our Lysia Breast Milk Cooler Bag. They can also be used for many other purposes.

They are ideal for breastmilk storage or baby bottle coolers, making life easier for on-the-go pumping moms.

  • Keep a few extra in the freezer so you always have some ready to use and can just swap them over the next day
  • Want to keep your milk extra cold? Use a few extra ice packs in your Lysia Milk Cooler Bag!
  • Pop a few of these in the insulate pockets of our Chertsey or Ellerby Pump Bags and you don’t even need an extra cooler bag (beware of the condensation though)

You can also use these for many other purposes.

  • Slim and perfectly sized: These ice packs are slim and small enough to fit in all types of containers or bags. Use more than one for extra cooling power!
  • Chilled food and drink anywhere: Just pop these ice packs in your backpack, tote or insulated container and keep your food and drink at the right temperature for any occasion.
  • Easy pain relief: These ice packs are great to treat injuries. Ideal for migraines, sore muscle treatment, shoulder, neck or knee pain.

PLEASE NOTE: Hand wash only. Do not microwave. The price is for ONE ice pack only.

For families on the move!