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Best Bra for Willow and Elvie Pump

A good bra is important for getting the most out of your hands-free pump. This post includes several bra recommendations, as well as fit tips for choosing the best bra for your Willow or Elvie breast pump. When considering a bra for your Elvie or Willow pump, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Full-coverage: This ensures the bra will hold your hands-free pump in place and help you keep good suction throughout the session.
  • Nursing flap: A bra specifically designed for nursing, with a flap, will make it easy to position your pump and check on things if they aren’t feeling right.
  • No underwire: In general, underwire bras are not recommended while breastfeeding, as they can cause clogged ducts or mastitis.
  • No padding: A bra without padding will help ensure enough room for your hands-free pump while offering secure, comfortable support.
  • A comfortable, secure fit: Overall, you want a bra that is both comfortable and secure.

Here are some of the bras we’ve found that meet these criteria and have great reviews:

Best Bras for Willow & Elvie Breast Pumps

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