About Us

At Idaho Jones, we’re passionate about crafting products and curating insights that simplify and improve the breastfeeding journey.

We believe that motherhood is an adventure, not a pause button in a woman’s life.

Our Purpose

We want to provide mothers with everything they need in their breastfeeding journey. Motherhood is an extremely rewarding and equally challenging journey. Nursing and pumping bring additional mental and logistical demands. We aim to lighten this load. Our range of products and resources eliminates the need for exhausting online searches, offering a streamlined, supportive experience for every mother on her unique journey.

Our Logo

At the heart of our identity lies our distinctive logo, artistically representing the empowering stance of a woman with hands on hips. This isn't just a design; it's a powerful symbol of mothers’ strength.

Our logo embodies the essence of a mother's enduring spirit. It captures the formidable grace and resilience inherent in every mother, portraying not just a physical stance but also an emotional and spiritual one.

We are allies and champions for mothers stepping into their power. Our mission is to support, empower, and celebrate every aspect of a mother's breastfeeding journey. At Idaho Jones, we honor the strength of motherhood and are dedicated to being the trusted sidekick that every mother deserves.

  • Innovative Design Thinking

    Every product we introduce is born from a deep understanding of the challenges faced by breastfeeding moms. And our journey doesn’t end once a product is launched – we’re in constant conversation with our community, refining and perfecting with their feedback.

  • Mom’s Go-To Place

    From essential breastfeeding products to expert advice, we’ve got moms covered. Everything they need, all under one digital roof - our website, ensuring an informed and uncomplicated experience.

  • Service Above and Beyond

    For us, customer service isn’t just about responding quickly. It’s about ensuring every mother feels heard, valued, and supported. No query is too small, no concern too trivial.

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We're always here and happy to chat! Whether you have feedback, fresh ideas, or any questions, just drop us a line. Our door (and inbox) is wide open for you.