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Our mission began with a single question

Why is it so difficult to find all the nifty pumping and breastfeeding products all in one place?

Mothers have been breastfeeding since the dawn of humans. Despite that truth, pumping outside of the hospital didn’t become

mainstream until the last few decades.

When you are pumping breastmilk, efficiency and ease are a top priority. As a mother, time is precious – and the easier

pumping is, the longer you can continue doing it for your sweet baby.

At Idaho Jones, we’re changing the landscape when it comes to pumping and breastfeeding products and resources.
No longer do you need to scroll Instagram in search of that perfect piece of technology. Now, you can find it all right here at

Idaho Jones.

Who are we?

We are a young and fast growing company committed to making breastfeeding and

pumping more efficient and comfortable through innovation. Our products aim to empower

pumping mothers.

What’s in a name?

Some believe that, in Shoshoni, “Idaho” means sunlight on the mountainside,

a sun crowned peak in the early hours of the morning1.

To “jones” for something is to yearn for something, to want that

something very much2.

We chose our name to be Idaho Jones because we are yearning
for a new dawn in pumping breastmilk for mothers and
we are committed to making it happen
one product at a time.

1 Idaho—Its Meaning, Origin and Application By John E. Rees, Published in The Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society, Vol. 18, No. 2 (Jun., 1917), pp. 83-92 (10 pages), Published by Oregon Historical Society https://www.jstor.org/sta-ble/20610067?seq=2#metadata_info_tab_contents

2 https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/jones https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/jones

What will you find here?

Idaho Jones is your one stop shop for the most advanced products that provide the ultimate pumping experience.

You’ll find:

Stylish and practical breast

pump bags and accessories

that save time and effort.

Resources and tools for common

pumping and breastfeeding

questions or struggles.

Support for moms and
parents from all walks of life

and different backgrounds.

If you are a mother who exclusively pumps breast milk, is going back to work and needs to start pumping, or who is building a stash of breast milk for their own or other babies, then this is the community for you. If you are a mother who is curious about breastfeeding, who wants to try out pumping, or who is struggling with this whole feeding another human from your body thing, we are here to support you.

Empowered pumping starts here, with

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