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Idaho Jones Flanges Collection for breast pumps. Home of revolutionary silicone flanges. Find your perfect fit with our range of sizes for comfortable and efficient pumping.

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Welcome to the Idaho Jones Flanges Collection! Breastfeeding mothers know the importance of correctly sizing nipples and using the right flange size for both comfort and efficient milk expression. Our collection is designed to support you in this essential aspect of breastfeeding.

The flange, also known as the breastshield, is crucial for a successful pumping experience. Using the wrong size can lead to discomfort, inefficient milk extraction, and even damage to breast tissue​​. That's why our collection includes a diverse range of sizes, ensuring that every mother can find her perfect fit. Whether you need to adjust the size of your traditional hard plastic flanges, try innovative silicone alternatives, or find flanges specific to Idaho Jones wearable pumps or collection cups, we have you covered.

You can use our Flange Sizing Guide to find your correct breast shield size. Measuring your nipple diameter is the first step in finding your ideal size. Our guide recommends choosing a flange within 1-3mm of your nipple diameter for the best fit. It's important to start with the smallest size in your range and adjust as needed based on comfort, milk flow, and how empty your breasts feel after pumping​​.

Be mindful of signs of incorrect sizing, such as nipple rubbing, milk flow issues, visible marks on the skin, discomfort, or a feeling that your breasts are not fully emptied. These indicators can help you determine if a different size would be more suitable​​.

Remember, each mother's body is unique, so experimentation may be necessary to find the perfect fit. Don't hesitate to try different sizes, and consider consulting a qualified lactation consultant for additional guidance in flange sizing​​.

Explore our Idaho Jones Flanges Collection today and find the perfect fit for your breastfeeding journey!