Best Breastfeeding Outfits

Best Breastfeeding Outfits

Especially in the early days, breastfeeding moms will spend a lot of time feeding their babies. Comfortable clothes that work well for breastfeeding can make all the difference. Here are some of our favorite pieces to make breastfeeding as easy and comfortable as possible.

Leak-Proof Underwear

As your body is healing from pregnancy, you will experience some bleeding. The hormones of breastfeeding (namely oxytocin) cause uterine contractions that help the uterus return to it’s non-pregnant size and position. Because of that, you will probably experience cramps and bleed more during breastfeeding sessions with your new baby. Underwear that will absorb any bleeding are a great postpartum wardrobe addition. You can use the mesh disposable underwear from the hospital, or buy your own from a company like Frida Mom. You can also try reusable absorbent underwear, like Thinx or Nyssa.

Nursing Bra or Tank 

Nursing bras are specifically designed for the act of breastfeeding, and also for lactating breasts. It’s ideal to choose bras that fit well but aren’t too tight, as too much compression can cause clogged ducts or mastitis. You’ll also want a nursing bra or tank that easily clips or pulls down so that you can help your baby get a good latch. If you’re using a hands-free pump, check out our post on the best bras for Willow & Elvie pumps.


While this isn’t breastfeeding specific, leggings are a popular postpartum fashion choice for their comfort and ease. Many moms find that maternity leggings still fit well for the first few weeks or months after their baby is born. As your body heals and your milk supply regulates, leggings can be a great option to accommodate leaks and healing scars or tears. Girlfriend maternity leggings are a cute and comfortable option. 

Easy Access Shirt

When choosing a shirt to wear while breastfeeding, think about how you can comfortably offer your baby access to your breast in that particular top. Whether it’s buttons that you can open, a stretchy neckline to pull down, or a wide hem that you can lift up to breastfeed, there are a variety of options. Choose what feels best for your body and style. Tops like this ribbed henley from Aerie can be a cute and comfy option for breastfeeding clothes. 


Because hormones play such a large part in lactation, you may experience hot flashes and sudden temperature changes as your body regulates in the early postpartum days in particular. Dressing in layers can help you stay comfortable, whether you’re feeling chilly or starting to sweat.

As you get back to your regular schedule, some moms find that they don’t need special clothes for breastfeeding or pumping. You can layer some of the items described above with other clothes that suit your style, whether you’re headed to a friend’s house or the office. If you don’t want to do your own shopping, you can ask friends for hand-me-downs or try a subscription box like Stitch Fix. As long as you (and your baby) are able to access your breast easily enough, any clothes can be breastfeeding clothes!

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