Nursing Pads Vs Milk Collector Shells

Nursing Pads vs Milk Collector Shells

Breastfeeding comes with its set of challenges. Two Idaho Jones products, reusable bamboo nursing pads and Milk-A-Save silicone milk collectors, aim to make this journey smoother for new mothers. Both have distinct features designed to address specific issues like leaks and discomfort. This article compares and contrasts these products, helping mothers choose based on their unique needs and preferences.

Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads

Enveloped in the embrace of mother nature, the reusable bamboo nursing pads are a synthesis of sustainability and comfort. Crafted meticulously from 100% Oeko-Tex certified organic bamboo, these pads are a testament to eco-friendly ingenuity, offering breathability, and biodegradability.

The Idaho Jones reusable pads boast a multi-layered design, ensuring maximal leak protection. Mothers can bid adieu to the irksome experience of wet, sticky, and irritable nipple pads. The bamboo layers are adept at wicking moisture away, affording hours of dry comfort.

Functionality does not compromise aesthetics or convenience here. The pads are discreet, contoured to the breasts, and absent of additional bulk, rendering them invisible under clothing. Machine washable, they come with a laundry and waterproof carrying bag, making them a pragmatic choice for on-the-go mothers.

Silicone Milk Savers

Venturing into the realm of innovation and convenience, silicone milk collectors are heralded for their efficiency and practicality. These transparent wonders, made of soft, food-grade silicone, are designed to catch and collect excess leaked milk, addressing the discomfort of soaked nursing pads.

Their design, complete with a pouring hole and a stopper, ensures no drop of the precious liquid gold is wasted. Holding 1.25 oz of breastmilk, they promise a leak-free experience, with the added convenience of easy transfer to bottles.

Contrasting the organic aura of bamboo pads, silicone milk savers are a blend of modern design and functionality. They eliminate the need for constant washing and drying, offering an immediate solution for mothers seeking to build their milk stash without any hassle.

Comparative Insight 

The choice between reusable bamboo nursing pads and silicone milk collectors is often anchored in the intricate dynamics of the mother's individual breastfeeding journey, fluctuating needs, and specific situational demands.

For mothers rooted in eco-consciousness and those with sensitive skin, bamboo nursing pads emerge as the quintessential choice. Their organic nature, breathability, and machine washability make them a long-term companion. However, their application and appeal extend beyond these inherent qualities, becoming particularly advantageous in certain scenarios.

In instances where a mother finds herself unable to immediately transfer collected milk, perhaps due to being outdoors or engaged in activities where privacy and convenience are limited, the bamboo nursing pads become a beacon of convenience. They absorb leaked milk, keeping the mother dry and comfortable without the immediate need to address the stored milk.

However, the early days of breastfeeding present a distinct set of challenges. During this phase, a mother’s milk supply is yet to regulate, often resulting in increased leakage. It is in these initial days that the silicone milk savers demonstrate their paramount utility. Their efficient design, capable of collecting and storing significant volumes of milk, ensures that not a drop of the precious ‘liquid gold’ is wasted.

As the breastfeeding journey matures and the milk supply regulates, the leaked volumes typically reduce. During this later stage, the bamboo nursing pads reassert their relevance. The leaked amount is often not substantial enough to necessitate collection, making the absorbent, comfortable, and discreet bamboo pads ideal for protecting against unexpected leaks.

Each product, with its distinctive features and situational advantages, caters to the evolving landscape of a nursing mother’s needs. While the silicone milk collectors are a reservoir of convenience and efficiency in the early, more abundant days of milk supply, the bamboo nursing pads stand as reliable allies in the later stages, offering comfort, absorption, and the cherished invisibility under clothing.

Nursing Pads vs Milk Collector Shells Comparison Table


Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads

Silicone Milk Collectors


100% Certified Organic Bamboo

Food Grade Silicone


Absorbing leaked milk

Collecting leaked milk


Machine Washable

Easily Rinsable


Breathable and Gentle on Skin

Soft and Leak-Free





Comes with Laundry and Waterproof Carrying Bag

Easy Pouring Hole for Milk Transfer

Visibility Under Clothing


Minimal Visibility

Early Days of Breastfeeding

Less Ideal due to increased leakage

Highly Beneficial for Saving Milk

Later Stages of Breastfeeding

Preferred for Comfort and Discreetness

Less Needed as Milk Leakage Reduces


The duality of the reusable bamboo nursing pads and silicone milk collectors encapsulates the comprehensive spectrum of a mother’s breastfeeding experience. From the initial days of abundant, unregulated milk supply to the later stages characterized by reduced leakage and a quest for comfort and discretion, each product offers tailored solutions, ensuring that the mother's comfort and convenience are prioritized, and every drop of milk is valued. In this nuanced journey, knowledge and adaptability become the empowering tools, allowing mothers to weave through the phases with products that are not just accessories, but intimate companions in their nurturing narrative.

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