The Problem

After the birth of our daughter, as young and enthusiastic parents who are also avid travelers, we were instinctively on the lookout for bags and travel items that would make our constant moving around (to the park, to the office, abroad on holidays…) more comfortable. We struggled to find anyone focusing on the broader needs of today’s (sometimes forcibly!) dynamic and traveling families. We thought we could do better.

We also realized that whatever products existed in our space tended to fall into one of two categories: they were either premium and expensive designer items that were not necessarily practical, or cheap white label products that lacked quality. We thought we could do better here too.

The Solution

We set up Idaho Jones with two goals in mind:

  • Create a range of bags and travel solutions that work together and make being on-the-move as a family easier
  • Through thoughtful design, provide the best possible combination of functionality, style, quality and price

Knowing that our products make parents’ lives that little bit easier is what fuels our fire.

The “Other” Children

We are humbled by the thought that there are so many children around the world who grow up in extreme hardship, in economically disenfranchised families for whom our products mean little. We want Idaho Jones (and everyone!) to play a small role in improving their quality of life, so we partnered up with the Global Fund for Children (GFC). You can learn more about our partnership here.