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Idaho Jones

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Breast Milk Storage Bags

Breast Milk Storage Bags

Discover Idaho Jones Breast Milk Storage Bags: Top-rated, leakproof, freezer-friendly. Perfect for pumping, storing, and freezing breast.
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About Product

Embrace the joy and challenge of breastfeeding with Idaho Jones Breast Milk Bags - where functionality meets inspiration! Designed for the modern, multitasking mom, these bags are more than just a storage solution; they're a daily dose of motivation. With unique, uplifting quotes and a robust design, these bags are a testament to your dedication, making each pumping session a step closer to nurturing success.

  • Empowering Design: Each bag features motivational slogans, adding a touch of encouragement to your breastfeeding journey.
  • Generous Capacity: 8oz volume caters to both small and large milk volumes, perfect for your growing baby's needs.
  • Leak-Proof Assurance: Double zip lock and thick material ensure 100% leak-proof storage.
  • Freezer Friendly: Designed to freeze flat, saving space and preserving milk quality.
  • Ease of Use: Wide mouth for hassle-free pouring and a self-standing design for convenience.
  • Ideal for Bricking: These bags are perfectly designed for bricking in deep freezers, allowing efficient, organized storage of breast milk for up to 12 months. Their shape and structure maintain integrity even when stacked, ensuring your precious milk is stored safely and space-efficiently.
  • Safety First: BPA and Lead Free, ensuring the utmost safety for your baby’s milk.
  • Pre-Sterilized: Ready to use right out of the box, sterilized using high-energy electron irradiation.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 0.70 inches
  • Material: PET/PE
  • Safety: Sterile, BPA and Lead Free Plastic
  • Capacity: 8 ounces per bag
  • Packaging Options: Available in 60- and 200-count boxes

How to Use

  1. Wash your hands well with soap and water
  2. Tear away the perforated tab
  3. Hold the bag where indicated and pull apart zip closures
  4. Pour collected breast milk into the bag
  5. Squeeze air at the top until the guidance line (do not squeeze all the air out of the bag to leave some room for the milk to expand as it freezes)
  6. Reseal zip closures
  7. Label the bag with the date, time & volume 
  8. Store in the fridge or freezer


Are these bags wider than Medela bags?

They are the same width.

How are these bags sterilized? 

They undergo high-energy electron irradiation for sterilization, ensuring safety and hygiene.

How do you ensure the safety of the bags?

They are made using safe, non-toxic materials, guaranteeing quality and reliability. We have lab tests that confirm their safety and hygiene. 

Can Idaho Jones Breast Milk Storage Bags be used for bricking in a deep freezer?

Absolutely! Our bags are designed to lay flat, making them ideal for bricking. This method allows you to stack the bags in larger ziplock bags, forming compact bricks for easy and organized storage. Plus, their durable material ensures they remain intact and protected, even when stacked.

How to Clean

  • Single-use bags: Do not reuse to ensure hygiene.
  • Dispose of responsibly after use.


  • Always check the bag for any damage before use.
  • Do not overfill; adhere to the maximum capacity for optimal preservation.
  • Thaw milk according to CDC Guidelines “Safe Thawing of Breast Milk” to ensure safety.

HSA/FSA Eligibility

This product is eligible for HSA/FSA.

We are not able to accept HSA FSA cards on our website but you can pay with your regular payment method and submit your receipt to your plan provider for reimbursement.

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