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Ellerby Breast Pump Bag

Ellerby Breast Pump Bag

Explore the versatile Ellerby Breast Pump Bag for Medela, Spectra, and more. Ideal for work, travel, and style-conscious moms. Get yours today!
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About Product

Embark on your breastfeeding journey with confidence and style using the Ellerby Breast Pump Bag. Designed with the modern mother in mind, this bag combines functionality with elegance, providing ample space for your breast pump, accessories, and personal items. With water-resistant materials and thoughtful features, this bag ensures that you’re prepared for any adventure that comes your way.

  • Ample Storage: Two insulated side pockets provide the perfect space for your breast pump and cooler bag, ensuring your breast milk stays fresh throughout the day.
  • Comfortable Carrying: Enjoy the ease of an adjustable cross-body strap, delivering comfort and convenience wherever your day takes you.
  • Quick Access Design: The Ellerby Breast Pump Bag is crafted to provide easy access to your breast pump and accessories, simplifying pumping on-the-go.
  • Elegant Aesthetic: Don’t sacrifice style for function – this bag has it all, ensuring you look great and stay organized.
  • Durable and Easy to Clean: Constructed from high-quality materials, this bag is designed to withstand the demands of your busy life.
  • Wide Compatibility: All breast pumps (except for Medela Symphony) fit in Ellerby.
  • Laptop-Friendly: The bag includes a dedicated space for up to a 15" laptop, making it an ideal choice for working moms.

Technical Details

  • Outside Material: Water-resistant coated polyester
  • Inside Material (Main Compartment): Antibacterial and water-resistant coated polyester
  • Inside Material (Side Pockets): Waterproof PEVA
  • Laptop Sleeve Size: Accommodates up to a 15" laptop
  • Zippers: SBS brand for enhanced durability
  • Dimensions:  15 x 12.5 x 7.25 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 lb (1.1 kg)

How to Use

  • Organize Your Belongings: Utilize the two insulated side pockets for your breast pump and cooler bag, and place your pump parts, laptop, and personal items in the main compartment.
  • Pumping on-the-go: Access your pump and accessories with ease, ensuring a seamless and discreet pumping experience.
  • Quick Clean-Up: Utilize wipes or a separate pump parts bag for efficient clean-up post-pumping.
  • Adjust the long strap: Customize the fit by adjusting the cross-body strap to your preferred length.


Are the pump pockets insulated? 

Yes, both side pockets are insulated.

Is a cooler included with this bag? 

While the side pockets are insulated, a separate cooler bag is not included with the Ellerby Bag. If you prefer having a separate cooler bag, please check out our Roxwell Cooler Bag. 

Will my Medela/Spectra/Motif Luna pump fit in this bag? 

Yes, this bag is compatible with a variety of large pumps including Medela Sonata, Spectra S1, S2 and Synergy Gold, and Motif Luna.

Can I attach this bag to a stroller? 

Absolutely, the Ellerby can easily be attached using any standard stroller hook or strap using the D-rings it has on each side.

Does this bag come with a longer strap? 

Yes, an adjustable, longer cross-body strap is included.

How to Clean

  • General Cleaning: Wipe down the bag with a damp cloth or baby wipes. For more persistent stains, a mild soap can be used.
  • Material Care: The water-resistant coated polyester material ensures the bag is easy to clean and durable.
  • Hardware Care: Wipe the vegan leather accents and gold hardware with a damp cloth, avoiding harsh chemicals to maintain their integrity.


  • Weight Limit: Avoid overpacking to prevent strain on the straps and ensure the bag’s longevity.
  • Water Exposure: While the bag is water-resistant, avoid prolonged exposure to water.
  • Insulated Pockets: When using ice packs in the insulated pockets, be mindful of condensation. Consider wrapping the ice packs with a towel or paper towel to prevent dampness inside the bag.

HSA/FSA Eligibility

This product is eligible for HSA/FSA.

We are not able to accept HSA FSA cards on our website but you can pay with your regular payment method and submit your receipt to your plan provider for reimbursement.

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