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Idaho Jones

Simone Portable Bottle Warmer

Simone Portable Bottle Warmer

Discover the ultimate Portable Bottle Warmer for on-the-go parents. Perfect for travel, compatible with all major bottles. Quick, efficient, and easy to use.
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About Product

Welcome to the future of on-the-go baby care with our revolutionary Portable Milk Warmer! Designed for modern parents, this sleek and efficient bottle warmer is a game-changer for feeding your baby anytime, anywhere. Whether you're traveling, camping, or just enjoying a day out, our portable warmer is your perfect companion to ensure your baby's milk is always at the ideal temperature. With its compatibility with a wide range of bottle brands and styles, and a built-in rechargeable battery, our warmer is the ultimate solution for feeding on the go.

  • Versatile Compatibility: Works with various bottle types including Lansinoh, AVENT, Dr. Brown's, MAM, and more. Please see bottle compatibility table below for a full list.
  • Three Temperature Settings: Choose from 98°F, 104°F, and 113°F to keep the milk just right.
  • Rechargeable and Portable: Built-in battery for warming without an outlet - perfect for travel and day trips.
  • User-Friendly Design: One-button operation with clear display and automatic shutdown for low battery.
  • Safe and Efficient: Maintains the right milk temperature without boiling, preserving nutrients.
  • Compact and Stylish: Designed to be portable and easy to carry, with a chic aesthetic.

Technical Details

  • Battery Operated: Long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • Adapters: Comes with narrow, wide, and Comotomo bottle neck adapters to work with a wide range of bottles.
  • LED Display: Easy-to-read screen with indicator lights.

Weight: 10oz

How to Use

  1. Check Sealing Ring Position: Ensure that the sealing ring is in the correct 'N' or 'U' position based on the bottle you are using. This is crucial for creating a secure and leak-proof connection.
  2. Attach Bottle Adapter (if applicable): Select the appropriate adapter for your bottle type (narrow, wide, or comotomo) and attach it to the warmer.
  3. Prepare the Bottle: Fill your baby's bottle with milk and screw it securely onto the attached adapter.
  4. Power On: Press and hold the power button until the device beeps, indicating that it is turned on.
  5. Select Temperature: Tap the power button to cycle through the temperature settings (98°F, 104°F, 113°F) and select your preferred temperature.
  6. Wait for the Warm-up: The device will beep again once the milk reaches the set temperature. Press and hold the power button to turn the device off after use.


How long does it take to warm milk?

This depends on the milk's volume and starting temperature. On the shortest end of the spectrum, it takes 2-4 minutes to warm up 2oz of milk from 68°F to 98°F. On the longest end of the spectrum, it takes 21-25 minutes to warm 8oz of milk from 47°F to 113°F. Please refer to the Heating Time Reference Table for more details.

How many times can you heat up milk on a full battery?

This depends on the milk's volume and starting temperature. On the highest end of the spectrum, it can heat up 2oz of milk from 68°F to 98°F up to 13 times on a full battery. On the lowest end of the spectrum, it can heat up 8oz of milk from 47°F to 113° just once on a fully charged battery. Please refer to the Heating Time Reference Table for more details.

How to Clean

  • Regular Cleaning: Hand wash the bottle adapters with mild detergent and warm water. Wipe the main unit with a damp cloth; avoid immersing in water.
  • Descaling (Every 4 Weeks): Mix equal parts white vinegar and cold water, fill your bottle, and attach it to the warmer. Heat up to 113°F and maintain this temperature for 30 minutes, then turn off. Leave the solution in contact with the metal heating surface until all scale dissolves. Empty the bottle and clean all parts as previously instructed. Alternatively, you can use a citric acid descaler. Avoid other types of descaling agents.


  • Charging Safety: Do not use the warmer while it's charging. Before first use, charge fully. Avoid waiting until the battery is very low to charge it. Once fully charged, disconnect the charger to prolong service life.
  • Usage and Storage: This product is for adult use only and is not a toy. Keep it and its parts out of children's reach when not in use. Store the warmer away from high temperatures, direct sunlight, heat sources, or disinfectant solutions for extended periods.
  • Cleaning Precautions: Do not use corrosive or antibacterial cleaners, as high detergent concentrations can damage plastic parts. If the item cracks, cease use immediately.
  • Safety During Operation: Avoid touching the stainless steel heating plate during operation to prevent burns. Do not immerse the bottle warmer in water or other liquids.

HSA/FSA Eligibility

This product is not eligible for HSA/FSA.

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